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Higher level of service, at a fraction of price.

For limited time only, we are running a few promotions to help you with one of the biggest purchase in your life. 


When you purchase with us, you will receive 1% rebate of the total sale’s price.  This money will come out of our commission.  For example, if the house price is $1,000,000, your will save $10,000 on the purchase price and only pay $990,000.

In addition, we will provide the same service so you don’t have to sacrifice service to get a great value.

Similar to purchase, we are happy to list your home for 1.5% commission, this is about half of what most realtors charge to list a home.  For example, a usual sales commission is 5% or 6%:  2.5% for the seller’s agent and 2.5% for the buyer’s agent.  We are able to reduce our commission by 40%, to be 1.5% on the seller’s agent side.

Again, we provide the same level (or even more dedicated) of service as other full-price realtors.  So you get the full service but leaves more money in your pocket.

If you need to sell your current home and buy a new home.  We can sell your home with 0 seller’s commission, if you also purchase a new home with us.

Start your house search with our most popular Free Last Minute House Tour.


Find your dream home here!  Our extensive knowledge and negotiation skills will ensure you find a good deal in this competitive market.


We know the stress while selling your home and we are here to help!  An detailed marketing plan and a hard-working team will make sure we get the highest possible price.

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Property Management

We have 7+ years of experience managing different rental properties, including AirBnb.  Our service network will ensure every dollar is well-spent on maintenance, so you have the maximum profit.

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Investment Consultant

San Francisco Bay Area is a unique market and one of the most competitive real estate hub in the country.  We would love to share our experience, and guide you through every steps.

Last Minute Private House Tour

Need to make an offer soon, but have not seen the house?  Want to have a private tour at a time you like? 

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